Winter Make-up Looks Collection

Pictures with Winter Make-up Looks Collection - part 1.
Bring the magical winter to your eyes! Enhance the sparkle in your eyes by using brighter colors on your eyelids just like the white snow, then complete the look with a ruby colored lipstick on your lips, you will look gorgeous and glamorous. Of course this is just an idea of a winter make-up look, but you can use the pictures below to inspire you in achieving the perfect make-up looks that go with the cold season. If you have a passion for make-up then you must know by now about the make-up guru's on, if not, make sure to check them out. You will be amazed by their work and skills, they will teach you various make-up techniques. Click the images to zoom in.

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Do not be afraid to get creative, use the colors and the shades of nature to create the beautiful make-up looks that will impress the ones around you. Some of the pictures are collected from the websites of some famous make-up gurus, make sure to check them out:,,,, If you like these looks then you can also click here: Part 2 Winter Make-up Looks Collection to see more of the winter make-up looks.
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