Holiday Make-up Looks Collection

Holiday Make-up Looks pictures - part 1.
The Holidays bring joy and excitement in our lives. Christmas, Hannukha, New Years Eve are all about celebration and love. It is the best time to show off creative and sparkly make-up looks. Bring the magic to your eyes, dare to wear glitter, or shimmery colors on your lids. Get inspired by the holiday make-up looks below, try and recreate the image of winter, of the sparkly snow. You will also see here some fantasy make-up that I found really amazing. If you want to see more pictures with amazing make-up looks then don't hesitate to visit these websites:,,,, .The websites are property of the famous make-up gurus on youtube and of some other girls that are very talented and show picture tutorials on their websites. Click the images to zoom in.

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A beautiful make-up look that is most appropriate for this time of year is wearing a white shimmery eyeshadow on your lids, beautiful long lashes, a black line along the lash line.With a silvery glitter eyeliner trace a line along your lower lash line to imitate the beautiful snow. You can then complete the look with either red glossy lips that can resemble the image of Snow White, or if you want a more angelic look then you can use a pink, or peach lip gloss. Don't forget to use a pink blush on your cheeks, to look more young and fresh. Hope you enjoyed the Holiday Make-up Looks Collection. Happy Holidays!

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