Smokey Eye Make-up Looks

Pictures with smokey eyes make-up looks - part 1.
The smokey eye make-up look is the most famous and requested. Maybe the reason why most women like the smokey make-up is because it draws attention to the eyes and it adds a hint of mystery to the face. The simple smokey eye can be achieved by using a black eye pencil on the lash line and on the rims of the eye and then by smudging the eyeliner with the help of a pencil brush. If you check out you can see many make-up tutorials that can help you learn how to create beautiful smokey make-up looks. Here you have a selection of pictures with gorgeous smokey make-up looks that can help you get inspired. Click on the images to zoom in.
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The pictures have both dramatic and more subtle make-up looks. You can check out the websites of the make-up gurus to see even more creative looks:,,,,, If you like this collection then you can check out part 2 to see the rest of my make-up looks collection. Click here: Part 2 smokey eyes make-up looks if you want to see more smokey make-up looks collection.

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