Natural Make-up Looks Collection

Natural Make-up Looks Collection pictures
Natural make-up is perfect for everybody and very easy to achieve. If you don't like to wear too much color on your eyes, or too much red on your lips then this is the look for you. Natural make-up gives your face a fresh touch, it can actually make you look younger. Kevyn Aucoin, a famous make-up artist wrote in one of his books that a natural make-up look can be achieved by using only a concealer if you have blemishes on your face, dark circles or other imperfections that you wish to cover up, and a thin layer of translucent powder on your face. And as for the eyes if you use little white eyeshadow on the inner corner will make your eyes look more bright. Don't forget to use mascara of you want your eyes to look bigger, more awakened. A pinky, or peachy natural looking blush, lipgloss, or lipbalm on your lips and you will be amazed by the results. Below you have an entire selection of natural looking make-up looks. Enjoy! Click images to zoom in.

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If you like these looks then make sure to visit the websites of the famous make-up gurus that are well known over youtube:,, can check, if you are not familiar with it and there you can learn how to easily create a natural make-up look, just write "natural make-up tutorial" in the search box.

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