Brown Eyes Makeup Looks Collection

Brown eyes are not that pretentious when it comes to the color of the eyeshadow that you should use. Every color looks great on brown eyes, but if you really want to make them pop, apply the contrast rule. As the brown in the eyes is a worm color, try using as eyeshadow a color that has a cold tone into it, like shades of silver, blue, purple and green, you will see that your eyes will appear brighter. Another makeup look for brown eyes consists in colors that are in the same scheme palette as brown, such as gold, bronze, burgundy. Keep in mind that if you use warm colors on your eyes then you should use shades of cold colors on your cheeks and lips; reverse this technique when wearing cold shades on your brown eyes. This way you will have a balanced makeup look that enhances your beautiful features. You can see bellow some amazing brown eyes makeup looks created by girls known over the internet. Check them out by writing in the search box their usernames: QueenofBlendingMUA, MakeupGeekTV, MissJessicaHarlow, pixi2woo, lisaeldridgedotcom. Click images to zoom in:
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