Blue Eyes Makeup Looks Collection

Blue Eyes Makeup Looks:
An entire collection of makeup looks for those who want to accentuate their eye color. Blue eyes are the most unique, they are very dreamy and express sensibility. You can capture the attention of the people around you if you use some makeup tricks that make your blue eye color stand out.

The first trick in making your eyes stand out is to use an eyeshadow that is an opposite color to blue. You can check out the color wheel that painters use to organize colors. Choose to use warmer shades in order to make blue stand out, such as bronze eyeshadow, tangerine, peachy shades, and copper. You will be amazed by the effect. An interesting trick is to use a warm shade on your eyes and a cool shade on your lips, such as pink, in order to emphasize the coolness of the blue. Another trick to make your eyes stand out is to use just a hint of blue color in your waterline, try to choose a shade that maches your eyecolor. Avoid using a shade that is more vibrant than your eye color because that can make your eyes appear grey instead of blue.

This makeup looks collection for blue eyes include some makeup looks that belong to the famous youtube gurus on the internet. Make sure to check out their websites for more amazing makeup:, Click images to zoom in:

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