Green Makeup Looks - Part 1

Green makeup has the power to emphasize the color of your eyes. It is perfect for those of you with brown eyes because it really makes them pop. There are many shades of green eyeshadows in the makeup industry, there are also different textures like shimmery, matte, satin so choose whatever you prefer. Matte textures are harder to work with and have a more vibrant effect, while the shimmery ones are more subtle and chic. You will see below a beautiful collection of green makeup looks that are created by famous and talented girls known over the internet for their makeup skills. You will see both wearable and more dramatic green makeup looks, so you have a variety of choices. You can find more pictures and tutorials with amazing makeup looks on the makeup guru’s youtube channels, just write in the youtube search box: MakeupGeekTV, kokonuca, Misschievous, jangsara, Doe Deere, vintageortacky. Click images to zoom in.
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To see more pictures and more green makeup looks, check out the second part to this post by clicking here: Green Makeup Looks - Part 2.

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