No Makeup Makeup Looks Collection

What does no makeup makeup mean? Well women can look amazing with just a hint of makeup that is hardly noticeable, with everything well blended. By using the right shades and right textures of makeup one can achieve a beautiful and natural look, the face will look fresh and perfected. The no makeup makeup look is the most simple one to achieve, you will need a concealer to hide imperfections (make sure that it is well blended, you can try using the warmth of your fingers to do that), a tinted moisturizer that will give the most natural feel to the skin, a peachy or pinky blush (it will bring more life to your face) and a shimmery illuminator on the highest points of your face for the fresh appearance. On the eyes all you need is a shimmery light shade, it can either be a champagne color, a beige or taupe, pink or peach (it’s up to you), and if you want your lashes to look fuller try using a brown eye pencil or a black one, really close to your lashes (make sure to blend it so it’s hardly noticeable), then use mascara and of course a pinky or peachy lipgloss. If you want to see different no makeup makeup looks then you can check out bellow the no makeup makeup looks collection. The people who created the looks are well known over the internet, here are their websites if you want to check them out:,,,,,, Click images to zoom in:
no makeup makeup natural makeup no makeup makeup looks no makeup look

natural makeup looks no makeup makeup look fresh makeup fresh makeup looks

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