Arabic Makeup Looks Collection

Arabic Makeup Looks Collection photos – part 1.
Arab women are very mysterious, their religion and traditions have an essential role in their fashion style. Arabic makeup focuses on the eyes, bright colors, dramatic lines and big lashes, everything that can enhance the sparkle and mystery in the eyes. Arab makeup is all about dramatic eyeliner that starts from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner creating an illusion of an elongated eye. This kind of makeup is bold and if you prefer natural looking makeup then Arabic makeup may not be the right one for you, but if you are confident enough to wear this kind of dramatic makeup then you can get inspiration on creating amazing Arabic makeup by looking at the images below. You will see both strong and more wearable makeup looks. The looks below are created by famous girls on that can teach you how to create Arabic makeup, make sure to visit their websites:,,,,,, There is a second part to this post with more Arabic makeup looks, if you want to check that out then click here: Part 2 Arabic Makeup Looks. Click the images to zoom in.
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